Wife keeps saying she’s fat and she isn’t


My wife insists that she is fat and I tell her every time that she isn’t but she gets more upset when I tell her what I believe to be true. Example from earlier today: “I’m sooooo fucking fat”

I didn’t understand what she said so I said what baby? Then she says nevermind. So a bit later I asked her what she had sis and she told me. I replied with “babe you’re not fat Stop saying that” then she says “see that’s why I didn’t want to tell you” so I’m confused… I was being honest when I told her she wasn’t fat. She has a little belly but she’s definitely not fat. I understand that she’s insecure about her belly and she’s working on losing it but she’s not fat at all. I absolutely love her body regardless of what it looks like. What should I say to her when she says that she’s fat?


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