Shes Not Even Pregnant Yet


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I work overnights at a gas station that caters to the commuter crowd. One of the morning shift leads (let’s call her T) is trying to get pregnant. Ok, whatever, you do you T. She’s got a bunch of health problems that make conception and pregnancy really difficult, so she’s doing all the fertility treatment stuff. Not sure why she doesn’t just adopt but still. If she wants to be a parent that badly I’m not gonna rain on her parade.

Here’s the problem though: she works until 2pm every day, so the logical route would be to schedule the doctor appointments for after noon so she’s missing a minimum of work. Nope, they’re first thing in the morning every time, usually multiple times a week. And she doesn’t come back afterwards either or find anyone to cover for her, so we’re constantly shorthanded during the busiest part of our day.

And of course, because she’s only working half her hours, things aren’t getting done. She’s normally in charge of ordering all the coffee and related paraphernalia, and keeping the lottery counter stocked. Not that hard, takes like 20 minutes a day, I could do it if I had the access codes. But no, she just doesn’t have time because she’s gotta go get knocked up, so now I’m left having to deal with pissy customers who want to know why we’re out of their favorite coffee/scratch-offs. Idk dude, talk to T. Oh wait, she fucked off to yet another appointment. If she’s this bad already, I shudder to think of what she’ll be like if she successfully makes a goblin.

TL;DR coworker is going full mombie before she’s even pregnant. Starkiller is facing a criminal lack of free caffeine on the late-nights. Send help.



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